Dlink AC3200 Setup

Dlink AC3200 is a router model which works as an internet service provider. It gives our devices such as phones and computers reliable internet service. Here you will gather full guidance of Dlink AC3200 setup. This setup process includes different steps such as hardware installation of the router in your home, accessing the Dlink AC3200 Ultra WiFi router interface, how to update the firmware, change the password and much more. Let’s start it.

Install Dlink AC3200 in Your Home

To install it in your home you have to unbox the router. In the box you will find antennas, WiFi router, Ethernet cable, power cord, and a user manual. Complete your router by attaching the antennas to the router. Now, follow these simple steps to place the router on right spot in your home and connect the dlink router to the modem written below.

Find a Spot for Dlink AC3200

You have to choose a right spot where you can connect your router to the modem easily. So, place it near to the modem and that area where you use internet devices mostly. Avoid picking any spot close to the things which works on electromagnetic waves such as microwave ovens or cordless phones and heavy concrete walls. Also, don’t place the router very close to fish tanks and heavy metal things.

Connect Modem to Router

After picking a right spot for the Dlink AC3200 router, you should connect it to the modem. You have to use the Ethernet cable which comes within the box. You just have to locate the LAN and WAN port of the modem and the router. Then, connect the network wire to them. Now, turn on the modem first and then the router.

Dlink AC3200

Access to Dlink AC3200

After turning on the router’s network, you should access the router’s web interface. You can login via the URL and IP address using your computer as well. Let’s see how you can login via dlinkrouter.local and

Login Using Dlinkrouter.Local

To login via URL you can use the computer. First you have to connect your computer to the router’s network. Now, follow some of the easy steps to access the Dlink AC3200.

From here you can easily manage the settings and the network. Also you can update firmware and change the existing password of the network.

Login Using

You can also login via IP address. You just have to enter instead of dlinkrouter.local. Searching it will reach at the login page of the router’s interface. After that you have to follow the steps that were mentioned in the above section “Login Using Dlinkrouter.local”.

Login via Mobile Phone

You can access the interface using your smartphone. Just open Google Chrome in your phone or Safari if you are using iPhone. Locate the search bar of the browser and write login URL or IP address into it. Searching it, you will reach at the login page of the interface. After that you have to the follow more or less the same steps mentioned above in the “Login Using Dlinkrouter.local” section.

Now let’s take a look how you can update the firmware and change the password.

Check Firmware Update

To check the firmware updates you should log in to the router first and then follow some of these simple steps.

Change the Network Password

You can also change the router’s network password by logging in to the Interface of the router. Just, click of the settings again which is on the top of the dashboard page. A bunch of options will scroll down. You have to select the user option. The screen will take you to the page where you will see all the security details such as network name, the password and WPS security. Then, click on the password blank and clear the previous one and add a new one. Hit Enter key. Now, you successfully changed the existing password of the network.

Troubleshooting Tips

You can use some of the troubleshooting tips that will help you to complete the Dlink AC3200 setup without facing any error.

With these paragraphs you will able to complete the Dlink AC3200 setup easily.

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